65th ISI World Statistics Congress 2025

65th ISI World Statistics Congress 2025

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  1. Entering the System
    • Create a Conference Account if this is your first time: Create Conference Account. ISI and Association members individual and institutional/corporate) must use the e-mail address registered in the ISI webshop in order to receive the reduced registration fee when WSC registration opens.
    • If you have an account from a previous WSC or ISI Event, please click on the yellow Login button and enter your username and password.
  2. Submit your Proposal
    Once logged into the system, you can click on the button Submit your IPS Proposal that can be found in the announcement or at the end of this page.
  3. Create Proposal
    You will enter the proposal area and after reading the Format Description, you can click on the button Create Proposal.
  4. Title & Brief Description
    Enter the Title and a Brief Description of your Session. The Brief Description only needs to be a short explanation/justification for the proposed session. The last field on this page is a drop down of ISI/Associations/Committees. If your session relates to more than one Association or Committee, choose the primary one and your proposal will be reviewed by that Association or Committee under the guidance of its representative on the SPC. If you think that your proposal does not relate to any Association/Committee, you may choose ISI. Once you have completed all the fields, click on Next.
  5. Author Permission and GDPR
    After clicking on Next, you will still be on the Title page of your proposal, and you will need to scroll down and tick Author Permission and GDPR. Then please click on Save.
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  6. Assign Participants
    The next page is where you complete the Assigned Participants of your Session. This is where you identify the Chair, Speakers, Discussant(s) (if any) and Panellist(s) (if any).
    • If the session participant already has an active account, you can find them in the Assign a Member search area.
    • Otherwise, please proceed to add your session participant via the Add a New Participant button.
    In the grey box on the right, you will see the maximum number of session participant(s) by type. You can have fewer for the presenter/speaker, discussant and panellist roles. Once this part is complete, click on Save.
  7. Add Proposal Description
    Next is the Sections part where you add your WSC Proposal Description (maximum 500 words). Your IPS Proposal will be reviewed based on the description provided here. Click on Save once your description is complete.
  8. Complete Talk Title per Speaker
    In the Talk Titles area, you will see each Presenter/Speaker with an open field where you can complete the Talk Title for each person.
    Please click on Save.
    Your IPS proposal is now in draft mode.
  9. Edit your Proposal
    You can enter at any time to Edit your proposal.
  10. Submit your Proposal
    When you are ready to submit, please click on the Submit button. 
    You can check if your proposal is submitted as the status will change from Draft to Submitted.

Submit your IPS proposal here   IPS Call for Proposals


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To submit an IPS Proposal for 65th ISI World Statistics Congress 2025 you must first login to your account.