64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Official Statistics Quality Auditor; new role in National Statistical System


Mr Saeed Fayyaz


  • A
    Arash Fazeli


Production of high quality statistics depends on the assessment and auditing of statistical data and related processes that includes all components in the National Statistics System (NSS). In the process of modernization of official statistics, National Statistical Offices(NSO) have been trying to replace surveys with the administrative data and as a result the quality of surveys change to assessment of the quality of these sorts of data or statistical products. NSOs has been facing with the big challenge of assessing process due to the huge number of statistical products, a different production processes and lack of expertise statisticians or quality assessor. This paper aims to propose a process of upspring the quality assessors, and discusses on opportunities and challenges accosted with. Being more common between NSOs, this process can be considered in other countries and can be customized regarding to each country texture and NSS structure. The assessor or auditor can be considered and as new position in the quality assessment of official statistics and cause to improve the products' quality and responsive producers.