Creating a Strong Foundation for Statistics with GIS

Creating a Strong Foundation for Statistics with GIS

Creating a Strong Foundation for Statistics with GIS

Instructors: Joseph Kerski, Ms. Kate Hess

July 15, 2023

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About the Short Courses

This course will help statisticians modernize their census and statistical workflows. We will speak to every stage of the GSBPM and how GIS can be utilized in various ways, from how to plan your work, conduct field data collection, analyze your results, conduct data science and disseminate your authoritative data using ArcGIS. The course will include both presentation and hands-on exercises.

In-Person Event. Location Of Short Courses: University of Ottawa

Who is this course for?

Those interested in understanding how GIS and geospatial thinking can help improve efficiency, accuracy and be leveraged to improve understanding of statistical data.

Level Of Instruction: Beginner

Learning Outcomes

Understand how GIS can be applied to all aspects of census and statistical workflows including data collection, spatial analysis, data science as well as dissemination of data.

Course Materials

Hands on learn lessons will be used to guide the students. These will also be available to the students post session to continue their learning journey.

Delivery Structure

Esri will provide course in seminar style with combinations of presentations and demonstrations. Students will be expected to gain hands on experience using ArcGIS Online Esri software as a Service. Students will be asked to bring a laptop. Internet access to be provided at the venue.

About the instructor: Joseph Kerski

Joseph Kerski is the Education Industry Manager at Esri; his mission is to expand the use of GIS and spatial thinking in all sectors of society. He has served as the President of the National Council for Geographic Education and has given 2 TED Talks on “The Whys of Where”. He holds 3 degrees in geography (BA,MA, PhD) and has served as geographer in 4 sectors of society, including government, academia, private, and nonprofit organizations. Joseph has authored over 75 chapters and articles on GIS education and visits 35 universities annually. He frequently conducts professional development for educators and has authored 8 books. But as a lifelong learner, he feels as though he’s just getting started and thus actively seeks mentors, partners, and collaborators.

About the instructor: Kate Hess

Kate Hess is a Solution Engineer on Esri's National Government team, based in New York City. She has a background in remote sensing and environmental science. Kate supports non-US National Statistics Offices, helping them modernize their census and statistics operations using GIS. Prior to Esri, she worked with the NASA DEVELOP program, using satellite remote sensing data to study climate change impacts, and supported the NASA GEDI mission as a Geographical Sciences masters student at the University of Maryland. She is interested in imagery and GeoAI, as well as integration and analysis of statistical and geographic data.

This conference is currently not open for registrations or submissions.