Deadline Extended to 31 July 2022!

The ISI invites the statistical community to submit proposals for sessions for the Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) programme. The 64th WSC 2023, to be held 16-20 July in Ottawa, Canada, will highlight the developments and contributions of statistics, statistical science, and data science in all aspects of life, particularly the well-being and welfare of people. The WSC 2023 will host talks and presentations on a wide variety of topics, with the overall goal of presenting a balanced programme that provides a sense of the current state and future direction of statistics and their applications.

The programme will span the full field of statistics including academia, business, industry, government and official statistics in line with the breadth of ISI and the Associations affiliated with ISI. Topics include but are not limited to official statistics, survey statistics, environmental statistics, business and industrial applications of statistics, mathematical statistics, probability, statistics and data science, statistics education, statistical literacy, statistical computing and data visualization.

Invited Paper Sessions - Submit your Proposal by 31 July 2022

Each IPS proposal should include a brief description and justification for the proposed session and a list of presenters and discussants who have agreed to participate. The selection criteria will take into account scientific quality, impact, and overall diversity. An IPS can have one of the following formats: 2 speakers and 2 discussants; 3 speakers and 0, 1 or 2 discussants; 4 speakers and 0 or 1 discussants; 5 speakers and 0 discussants. When the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) approves an IPS, it will be allocated to a 70, 100 or 120-minute session.

ISI Platform Instructions:

  1. Before submitting your proposal, you will need to register on the platform.
  2. If/When you have already registered on the platform, you can login and view your profile and access the IPS submission platform.
  3. Once you are registered and logged in, you need to go to the IPS proposal submission area.
  4. Once in the submissions area, please choose your category and follow the guidelines below to submit your proposal.
  5. You can access your profile at any time to see the submissions you have created and to update your profile details.

When submitting a proposal, you should indicate the following:

  • If your session relates to more than one Association/Committee, choose the primary one and your proposal will be reviewed by that Association/Committee under the guidance of its representative on the SPC.
  • If you think that your proposal does not relate to any Association/Committee, you may choose ISI.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the SPC on a competitive basis.


The ISI ensures that:

  • The programme is of high quality, with sessions that emphasize innovative ideas, approaches and/or applications to problems of importance;

  • The sessions have a balance of Organisers / Presenters / Discussants from around the world;

  • ​The contents are clearly of interest; and

  • The congress has a diversity of participants with respect to age, gender and statistical interests.



Guidelines for Session Organisers, Chairs, Presenters and Discussants are available online.

General enquiries about the Scientific Programme should be directed to


Stephen Penneck ISI President

Stephen Penneck 
ISI President

Mark Podolskij SPC Chair

Mark Podolskij 
SPC Chair