64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Challenges of modernizing the production systems in official statistics


Andrea Petres


  • SV
    Mr Steven Vale

  • MM
    Mr Marco Marini
  • The IMF’s journey to modern data governance and statistical innovation

  • SC
    Stéphane Crête
  • Statistics Canada’s challenges in integrating and implementing multiple data standards

  • MC
    Mr Manuel Cuéllar-Río
  • INEGI’s roadmap implementing data governance towards a consolidated data ecosystem

  • AP
    Andrea Petres
  • The Hungarian Central Statistical Office modernising its process-based organisation using ModernStats and other standards

  • Abstract

    In order to provide relevant information for their users in the rapidly changing data market, statistical organizations need management techniques and tools that promote innovation and at the same time enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Modernization, standardization activities play a crucial role in streamlining business operations and therefore support national and international statistical organizations in strengthening their competitive advantage of producing high quality official statistics.

    Defining organizational processes and describing elements of the architecture is the starting point of all improvement activities. Standards and models provide a basis for modernization and ensure the common language among statistical organizations that is needed for efficient international cooperation. Industry standards, especially ModernStats models of the UNECE Supporting Standards Group and the knowledge bases built around them by the international community are widely used by statistical organizations.

    How do these organizations cope with the fast changes in the data ecosystem? What are the organizational solutions that enable flexibility and fast adaptation to the environment as well as the production of high quality statistics? What kind of support do statistical organizations need to enhance modernization? How can the international statistical community support modernization initiatives and facilitate sharing knowledge?

    The session will provide:
    – insight into the challenges statistical organizations face in the modernization of their production processes, their architecture: use cases (Canada, Hungary, IMF, Mexico);
    – standards, models, architecture frameworks statistical organizations use for modernization purposes, their needs and expectations;
    – possibilities and challenges of international cooperation: sharing good practices, promoting modernization and innovation among statistical organizations.