64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Household Expenditure Programs in Official Statistics


Mr Denis Malo


  • DM
    Mr Denis Malo
  • AH
    Dr Anders Holmberg
  • Jd
    Mr Jelmer C. de Groot
  • EA
    Ms Elizabeth Ayres
  • Category: International Statistical Institute


    Most national statistical offices conduct a household expenditure survey or its equivalent. Data from these surveys are used in important programs such as the System of National Accounts and the Consumer Price Index and allow for the analysis of the determinants of household expenditures, including income.
    It is well known that measuring household expenditures using traditional survey methods has significant challenges. To name a few, the burden on respondents is significant, recall errors are possible, and there are many users needs to be met using aggregate-level data or microdata.

    These programs/surveys were facing many challenges prior to the pandemic and most had begun to redesign their methods. These challenges were amplified by the necessary changes in collection modes due to the pause in face-to-face interviews.

    This invited session aims to bring together methodologists and survey managers from national statistical agencies to present research and development work that has been recently completed, is underway, or is planned. Topics such as modern data collection like mobile applications, data processing involving machine learning algorithms, the use of innovative methods and alternative data sources will be discussed.