64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Use of administrative data in censuses


Mrs Cal Ghee


  • FK
    Francesca Kay

  • AK
    Mr Andrew Keller
  • Usage of Administrative Records Data in the United States 2020 Decennial Census

  • GH
    Ms Georgina House
  • Combined Census Research in Canada: 2021 Census of Population Statistical Contingency Plan

  • CG
    Ms Cal Ghee
  • Use of Administrative Data in the 2021 Census Census in England and Wales

  • IM
    Dr Inga Masiulaityte-Sukevic

  • Category: International Statistical Institute


    National Statistical Offices’ access to and use of administrative data is leading to innovations in the way we provide statistical products for users. One application of these sources is to improve the quality of census data: from inputs in the design and collection stages, through processing and analysing the data, to validating the results and extending the scope of outputs.
    Each census has a unique design and country-specific administrative data sources. In addition, each country had both expected uses of administrative data as part of their design, and aspects that they implemented as contingency plans given issues during live operations. These changes were particularly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to counteract lowering response rates in social surveys generally and other emerging quality issues. Despite the differing designs and sources, we were able to identify synergies and shared experiences, and have been able to learn from each other as we progressed from development to implementation of our census operations.
    The presentations will describe what each country did in their recent census, what innovations and contingencies they were able to implement. As we move forward, we are all considering what lessons we have learned. We are looking at how these can be put to best use in developing and transforming the way that our censuses are implemented in the future, and how other countries’ census journeys can benefit from them.