64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies: The Role of Data in Transforming the Defence, Security and Safety Sector


Ms Inbal Marcovitch


  • IM
    Ms Inbal Marcovitch

  • GM
    Grega Milčinski
  • Earth Observation Data and Anticipatory Disaster and Relief Operations

  • AA
    Alain Auger
  • Emerging Technologies’ Breadcrumbs: Leveraging Statistics to Detect Emerging and Disruptive Technologies and Charting a Path for a Safe and Secure Future

  • GAH
    Gitanjali Adlakha-Hutcheon
  • Do disruptions, ideas and innovation coexist within defence and security?

  • AO
    Anneke Olvera
  • Revolutionizing standardization: Standards as strategic assets

  • Category: International Statistical Institute


    Emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) are transforming all aspects of our lives. Access to data and related technologies along the data value chain is a key factor that will shape the well-being and welfare of people, businesses and nations across the world. As such, many EDTs also present new challenges and opportunities across domains that require strategic and anticipatory regulatory approaches to ensure their safe deployment. While many such EDTs are interdisciplinary in nature, statistical methods are at their core and facilitate a disciplined way to collect, process, evaluate, and analyze data. The session will explore the central role of data and analytics in current forward-looking strategic policy, research, and applications and the implications of EDTs, data and analytics to defence, safety and security across continents.