64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Promoting Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries


Prof. Eric Vance


  • KL
    Dr Kimberly Love
  • OO
    Olusanya Olubusoye
  • MA
    Monday Adenomon
  • JO
    Dr Joyce Akinyi Otieno
  • EV
    Eric Vance
  • Category: International Association for Statistical Education (IASE)


    The book, "Promoting Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries" is a collaboration between the LISA 2020 Network of statistics and data science collaboration laboratories (“stat labs”) and the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA), a stat lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA. This book was published in June 2022 and provides new insights into the current issues and opportunities in international statistics education, statistical consulting, and collaboration, particularly in developing countries around the world. This session will feature four talks that expand upon a selection of the topics in the book. Prof. Eric Vance, the LISA 2020 Global Director and one of the book’s co-editors, will provide his perspective as a discussant.

    Paper #1: Prof. Olawale Awe from the University of Campinas, Brazil was the book’s lead editor. He will provide an overview of the book’s contributions toward promoting and improving statistical education, practice, and collaboration in developing countries.

    Paper #2: Prof. Olusanya Olubusoye from the University of Ibadan (UI), Nigeria, will discuss how he and his colleagues created and continue to successfully run the UI-LISA, one of the crown jewels of the LISA 2020 Network. He will describe some of the educational benefits for students working in the stat lab.

    Paper #3: Dr. Joyce Otieno from Maseno University, Kenya, will discuss the need for a statistical collaboration laboratory in a Kenyan university. She will provide details of her and her colleagues experiences, challenges, and opportunities so that others may learn from her experience.

    Paper #4: Dr. M.O. Adenomon from Nasawara State University, Keffi (NSUK), Nigeria will speak on novel statistical consulting and collaboration educational practices to teach students these skills.

    Prof. Eric Vance from the University of Colorado Boulder, USA will be the discussant and will provide a big-picture context for how the LISA 2020 Network of stat labs are building educational capacity to increase the impact of statistics in developing countries.

    Chair: Dr. Kim Love from KR Love Quantitative Consulting and Collaboration in the USA will chair the session and provide her perspective as the Global LISA 2020 Monitoring and Evaluation Director.