64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Mortality experience of Indigenous Peoples in the COVID era

Category: International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS)


This session will explore the recent mortality experience of the Indigenous peoples of the four countries, with a particular focus on the impact of covid-19. The four countries present interesting contrasts in experience, ranging from the enormous number of covid-19 deaths - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - in the United States to relatively small numbers of deaths in Australia and New Zealand. The speakers will review the various Indigenous risk factors that make Indigenous populations particularly at-risk for covid-19 infection. Speakers also will present data on the very different experiences across countries in vaccination coverage and availability of various types of vaccine. They will explore the advantage held by island nations in establishing a national quarantine. The presentations will consider some advantages that Indigenous populations possess in dealing with covid-19, such as the use of tribal hierarchy in winning acceptance of covid-19 vaccine.

The presentations will also describe the many other health challenges of these Indigenous populations, including significant differences in life expectancy as compared to the non-Indigenous populations of each country. The presentations will also consider the many statistical challenges inherent in any attempt to measure Indigenous mortality, including the difficulties in establishing Indigenous identity and the small number problems inherent in these small populations, among others. As for covid-19 mortality in particular, the lack of access to health care for Indigenous, in particular in the United States, presents a special challenge in determining the actual impact of covid-19. Some of the presentations will include an analysis of excess deaths as a means of estimating the true impact of covid-19 on Indigenous mortality.