64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Increasing data literacy through engagement: The power of plain language in statistical education


Andrea Ness


  • ER
    Miss Elizabeth Richards

  • AN
    Ms Andrea Ness

  • MP
    Mrs Martine Paulin

  • EB
    Dr Evelyne Bougie

  • Abstract

    In September of 2020, Statistics Canada's Data Literacy Training Initiative (DLTI) launched its first suite of short, plain language videos covering topics such as what is data, data quality and how to navigate the 4 steps of the data journey. Since then, the Data Literacy Training Initiative has created dozens of these short training videos, receiving hundreds of thousands of views, while maintaining a video playthrough rate well above industry standards...but how? In 2020, Statistics Canada was forced to accelerate its transformation of all in-classroom offerings into online training in order to continue providing employees with critical, data related training. In this session, Statistics Canada's Strategic Analysis, Publications and Training team would like to share their experiences in turning statistical information into effective online training. You are invited to learn how to transform in-classroom training into synchronous learning by mastering the power of engagement. Using web metrics, qualitative testing, feedback forums, and real world use cases, this session will offer some best practices acquired throughout the creative, development and course delivery processes. Session participants will also receive suggestions on how to wrap their own content around high quality and accessible videos, freely available to anyone interested in beginning their own data journey, or doing their part to increase data literacy worldwide.