64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Measurement Error Modeling: Advances and Applications


Dr Andreea Luisa Erciulescu


  • JO
    Jean Opsomer

  • AE
    Andreea Erciulescu
  • Accounting for dose uncertainty in dose-response curve estimation using hierarchical Bayes models

  • EB
    Emily Berg
  • A comparison of predictors for a measurement error Fay Herriot model

  • MT
    Prof. Mahmoud Torabi
  • Spatial modeling of infectious diseases with covariates measurement error

  • JB
    Jan Pablo Burgard
  • Robustness against measurement errors in linear regression analysis

  • Category: International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS)


    With an increase in data availability, researchers have been challenged to account for diverse error sources in model-based estimation methods. Without properly accounting for measurement error, analyses may lead to biased estimates. Motivated by economic and environmental problems, this session consists of four presentations on recent advances and applications in model-based estimation using covariates measured with error.