IAOS-ISI 2024, Mexico City

IAOS-ISI 2024, Mexico City


Guidelines for Session Organizers, Chairs, Presenters and Discussants



1. All speakers (Organizers, Chairs, Presenters, and Discussants) of any session must be registered participants of the IAOS-ISI 2024 Mexico Conference.


2.All abstracts should be submitted online via the Conference’s submission system.


3. An organizer can submit more than one proposal for a session with possible presenters and discussants. After the approval of the session, an organizer should provide the names of presenters (min. 3) who need to submit short abstracts for the session via the Conference’s submission system.Organizers should provide the names of the Chair and Discussants.


4. Sessions will last 60-90 min.


5. A person can present only one paper as an oral presenter during the IAOS-ISI 2024 Mexico Conference. Any exceptions will be considered and approved (or not) by the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC).


6. A person can serve as a Chair or Discussant in multiple sessions. The SPC will organize programme without scheduling conflicts. Any exceptions will be dealt with speakers directly.


7. Within the same session, any individual, including the organizer, can take up the role of either Presenter, Chair, or Discussant, but should not assume any two such roles.


8. All presentations must be made and held in English.


9. All presentations should use the official template for the IAOS-ISI 2024 Mexico Conference. Download here.


10. Speeches without presentation are also allowed.


11. All Conference presentations must be delivered in person; remote or pre-recorded presentations are not allowed.


12. Check the online Conference programme to be sure if there have been any changes to the session (date, time, room number, list of speakers).



If you have any questions that are not addressed in these guidelines, please send an email to spc@iaos-isi2024.mx .

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